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December 17 - 24, 1999


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Airwaves top ten

by Brian Goslow

1. Sally Barris -- Reluctant Daughter (Wrensong)

2. Lorna Hunt -- All In One Day (Classic)

3. Kaydi Johnson -- Tied (Tell Tale)

4. Kris Kehr -- Long, Long Year (Woobie Cat)

5. Eleni Kelakos -- I Will Fly (EEK!)

6. Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen -- Poetry for the Beat Generation (Rhino Word Beat)

7. Erin McKeown -- Monday Morning Cold (TVP)

8. Not Enough Rope -- Fingerpistol (Indie)

9. Greg Ryan -- Hope To Find (October Moon)

10. Various artists -- The Definitive Jazz Scene Volume 2 (Impulse Jazz)

Submitted in alphabetical order by Richard Fox, host of the Tuesday edition of CrossTracks from 6 to 9 a.m. on WCUW (91.3 FM).

Your top ten

1. Pink Floyd -- Dark Side of the Moon (EMD/Capitol)

2. Led Zeppelin -- Led Zeppelin II (WEA/Atlantic)

3. Guns N' Roses -- Appetite for Destruction (UNI/Geffen)

4. Johnny Winter -- Still Alive and Well (Sony Music)

5. Phish -- Rift (WEA/Elektra)

6. Tool -- Aenima (BMG/Zoo)

7. Beatles -- Revolver (Capitol)

8. Third Eye Blind -- Third Eye Blind (WEA/Elektra)

9. Matchbox 20 -- Yourself or Someone like You (WEA/Atlantic)

10. Tori Amos -- Boys for Pele (WEA/Atlantic)

Submitted by Mike Slaney, bassist for the Wildcats, who play a benefit concert for WCUW this Friday night, December 17, at Gilrein's.

Web site of the week


This site is jammed with information on worthless stuff that we can't live without. It's the perfect way to cram before being forced to spend the weekend with family members and friends whom you've avoided since last Christmas. Humorous stories, misunderstood song lyrics, weird cars, nutty classified ads, pet names, and food to die for are all covered here. And if you plan on hitting the bars for some late holiday shopping, check out the bad pick-up lines!

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