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Feb. 15 - 22, 2001

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*** Lamont


(Curve of the Earth/Polterchrist)

Musicians can take big, dumb hard rock only so far. And Boston's Lamont go the distance with their 10-song debut, an invigorating workout for the eardrums and soul. It's impossible not to feel a rush from this thrill ride of relentless crunch as it ricochets all over a sonic Bermuda Triangle defined by Motörhead, AC/DC, and Gang Green. Which isn't to say this music is exactly lost, but there is a kind of time-warp quality to it that's often reminiscent of the days when heavy metal was in gestation. However, that's too intellectual a way to measure numbers like "My Flamin' Skull" and "Hell Hound," which are pure jolts of grinding, balls-out energy. Singer/guitarist Pete is all phlegm and sandpaper -- and every used power riff in the book. But he's a smart recycler, with a big Gibson tone that's got "wall o' Marshalls" written all over it and the ability to relieve the tension of his barking notes with squealing harmonics and moaning bends. Bassist Cozzy and drummer Bucket keep things slammin'. There's no time for ballads; just a primal instinct to rock that keeps Lamont's faces to the bloody grindstone.

Ted Drozdowski

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