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"We want your MP3s!"

For Local Bands/Musicians

thephoenix.com and FNX radio are launching an all-encompassing local music MP3 page to highlight the music of New England bands and musicians. As a service to the local music community, thephoenix.com will take your CD or tape and convert two songs of your choice to MP3 format for FREE!

Simply click here to download the MP3 registration and legal agreement. Then mail in the agreement (Phoenix MP3/Boston Phoenix, 126 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215) with your CD (preferable) or cassette tape. (No DATs, LPs or four track tapes please.) We welcome all kinds of music. Please also send us a photo/s of the band/musician and identify people in photo. For bands/musicians that already have MP3s out there on the Web, tell us on the registration form where they are and we'll go grab two of them.

By signing the registration/legal agreement (it's not as scary as it looks!), you are giving us permission to offer your MP3s on our Web site for listeners to download. Target launch date is this September. Your MP3s will be featured on your local Phoenix Web site (Boston, Portland, Providence, or Worcester) as well as a universal MP3 page on our new site - www.thephoenix.com. Please email any questions, comments or concerns to mp3[a]phx.com.

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