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July 7 - 14, 2000

[Heavy Dates]

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Heavy Dates


Every so often a great jam-influenced band come down the ol' Mass Pike and floor us, and Nozmo King are the best we've heard in years. A tight and spirited mix of soul, funk, and grooved-out improv, they're 100 percent guaranteed to get the asses jiggling this Friday night at the Tammany Club. Get there early because they've drawn the opening slot for Strange Brew, and bring an extra 10 clams so you can pick up their aces second disc, The Second System. On the solo front, there are three very decent shows to pick from. Everybody's favorite croonin' firefighter and all-around swell guy, Ken Baxter plays for free at Chuck's in Auburn. Wormtown's legendary visionary, Bob Jordan takes a swing through Charlton's Moonstruck Cafe for an intimate set; and perennial alt-folk-fave Dan Hart returns for his monthly visit to the Java Hut. Saturday turns up the rock-action a notch with plenty of nifty shows to choose from. One of them isn't the supposed Frankie Goes to Hollywood show at the Firehouse Cafe. And that's because the band are one of those fake deals you see on 20/20 every so often. No original members, no legitimate connection to the real band, and a big, fat rip-off. By the way, Frankie singer Holly Johnson is not only not dead from AIDS, but he's also as healthy as a bear. And he's none too happy about these jokers. Meanwhile, popsters can catch the Curtain Society at the Lucky Dog. Opening sets from Long Distance Runner and Sayhitolisa are also worth catching. The soulful Jones Brothers return to Gilrein's, and psych-punk godz the Time Beings headline a gig at Dinny's. Earplugs suggested for the meek. If you're planning for next week, a sure bet for a great rock show is Boston's mighty Pills, who return to the Lucky Dog Thursday after a lengthy absence from the Worm. These cats are one of the area's best bands (both technically for you musicians in the crowd and fun-wise for the rest of us). And they're just as likely to make you remember why you fell in love with rock and roll in the first place. Jason James also does a set.

-- John O'Neill

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