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So, you want free publicity for your music?


Well, you can have it. The generous folks at the Phoenix have made it possible for you to store your original music on our Web site as MP3 files. All MP3s received are accessible through our Boston, Portland, Providence, or Worcester Web sites, as well as on our new site: www.thephoenix.com.

But my band doesn't have our music available as MP3s.

No problem. Send us a CD or a cassette tape and we'll convert any two songs (that you've specified) to MP3s. But before you start rifling through promo copies, go here to download the MP3 registration and legal agreement. By signing this registration/legal agreement (it's not as menacing as it looks), you are giving us permission to offer your MP3s on our Web site for listeners to download. Once you've completed this agreement, mail it in to us (Phoenix MP3/Boston Phoenix, 126 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215) with your CD (preferred) or cassette tape. (No DATs, LPs or four track tapes please.) Also, send us a photo/s of the people who made the music -- and please identify the people in photo so we don't have to guess.

Dude, but, like, my grandma's in a theramin rock band. Can I send you her stuff? It's really, like, soulful.

We welcome (and encourage) all kinds of music -- folk, pop, avant-garde, rock, blues, punk, hip-hop, world, hard-core, splatter-core, sonic gore -- we want it all.

Great, thanks. But see, my band is technologically literate. We already have our own MP3s and we don't need your slave-laboring interns to convert it for us.

For bands/musicians that already have MP3s on the Web, please specify on the registration form a url where we can download them.

Can I put up more than two songs?

Sorry, at this time, we don't have server space for more than two songs.

Can I send you my spoken word free-styles? Can you send me the Orpheum's seating chart? Is that really Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney in the background of that William Shatner Priceline ad?

Please email any questions, comments or concerns to mp3[a]phx.com.

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