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"A Quarter and Counting" and "Bumpersticker Town"

Tizzy We are: Jen Stavely, bass and vocals; Joel Boultinghouse, guitar and vocals, Teri Morris, drums and vocals. Once upon a time . . . there lived two girls and a boy who dreamed of playing in a band. Ever relentless, they avoided the pitfalls of answering flyers and other sordid measures and Tizzy was formed. Their music -- melodic, distorted, pop, and punk. They embarked on a self-booked tour, then a second tour. The rock grew stronger, tighter, and faster and finally, with their first full length CD ready for dissemination, Tizzy embarked on a third tour. A mission to save young minds from limp, weak pop with no bang. You like the CD, Tizzy rocks for you, and everybody lives happily ever after. The End.

A Quarter and Counting
Bumpersticker Town
Tizzy also appeared in the pages of the Worcester Phoenix. In the Phoenix's weekly local music column On The Rocks, Brian Goslow said, "It would be easy to compare Tizzy to other female led acts from the area who recently found moderate success (Tracy Bonham, Jen Trynin, Letters to Cleo), but their sound is the result of years of dedication and hard practice; unlike the aforementioned, they've managed to give fans a disc filled with hits (albeit indie rock ones)."

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