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Michele Pitcock, Production Manager of the Worcester Phoenix, has the confidence that the ball is rolling as smooth as it can!

Karen Little, Graphic Artist of the Worcester Phoenix

Brian Goslow, the Worcester Phoenix's tireless and invaluable Events Editor strengthens the project's backbone by compiling all those listings.

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Thor Iverson, an online content coordinator for the sprawling online Phoenix empire, constructed this entire site using a thimble, a very moldy piece of Roquefort, and several old Boxcar Willie 45s. He based a majority of the design on work previously done for the Boston Phoenix site by Yao Feng and Mark Saltzman (co-founders of Neocraft, Inc.), James Mandolini, Tatania Whitney, and John Moss (graphic designers), Debbie Klein (Design Director of the Boston Phoenix), Poppy Brodsky (internet artistic design specialist for the Boston Phoenix and Telepublishing, Inc.), and Theresa Regli (another online content coordinator for the Boston Phoenix).

Clif Garboden, founding Managing Editor of the Worcester Phoenix before he was recalled to the home office to become Senior Managing Editor for the Phoenix Newspaper Group, helped coordinate the design and layout of the entire site. And he enjoyed almost every minute of it because after working in Worcester for three years, he knows where it's at.

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